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Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Prices are valid for 5 working days. All orders are subject to our Standard Terms & Conditions. Any payment is considered acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Feedback on artwork MUST be provided via email within 3 working days. Failure to do so will result in the element being considered approved and we will commence with the next step in the process. All design work will be provided via email. No production and / or printing costs are included in the price, unless otherwise stipulated. Website prices include design of the website only. It does not include domain registration and hosting unless otherwise stipulated. Also, content development is not included, unless otherwise stipulated.

Payment Methods

PRINTetc operates on a payment-on-order basis. Once we have confirmed your order and agreed on the artwork / service, we will issue you with a Sales Invoice.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Payment can be made by EFT into our account - the details will be shown on the Sales Invoice. Production will only start when our payment reflects in our account as available funds.

Cheque Deposit

Cheques may be deposited directly into our account. Please be aware that cheque payments can take up to 10 working days to reflect as cleared funds in our account. As a result of this, production will start later than payment made by other methods.


Cash payments may only be made at the bank, into our account. None of our staff members or sales agents may accept cash payments. If you have any questions regarding payment please contact us.

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